Our partner company Northwest Alpine Guides located in Washington State operates all our domestic alpine climbs, mountaineering courses, and backcountry ski adventures.

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3 Day Mount Baker Intro to Mountaineering Climb

5 Day Mount Baker Glacier Mountaineering Course

7 Day North Cascades Alpine Climbing Course

2 Day Mount Baker Crevasse Rescue & Ice Climbing

2-3 Day Mount Washington Winter Intro Course


2-4 Day Intro to Alpine Rock Climbing

2-5 Day Smith Rock Intro to Sport Climbing


2 Day Intro to Backcounry Skiing

Northwest Courses

Whether you have already begun to develop your mountaineering skills or you are an outdoor sports enthusiast seeking your next challenge, a mountaineering course and summit climb in the Pacific Northwest may be perfect for you. Packed with the highest density of glaciated mountains in the contiguous United States, the North Cascades offer excellent training grounds for climbers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

  • 3 Day Mount Baker Intro to Mountaineering Climb – Are you eager to experience the beauty and thrill of climbing glaciated mountains? In Northwest Alpine Guides’ Summit Climb and Introduction to Mountaineering School on Mount Baker, you will learn the fundamental skills you need to climb glaciated peaks successfully with a guide. This course is designed for first-time climbers and those seeking to refresh their climbing skills.
  • 5 Day Mount Baker Glacier Mountaineering Course – Learn how to climb big mountains on the second most glaciated peak in the Lower 48 States! In this course, you will establish a foundation of essential glacier mountaineering skills and put them to use while ascending to the summit of Mount Baker. The curriculum is designed for climbers seeking to develop the skills they need to travel safely and independently in glaciated environments or climb larger objectives such as Denali, Aconcagua and the high peaks of the Himalaya. You will practice the fundamentals of glacier mountaineering and snow climbing, including crampon and ice axe technique, self-arrest, rope team travel, crevasse rescue and more.
  • 7 Day North Cascades Alpine Climbing Course – Our North Cascades Alpine Climbing Course is our most comprehensive introduction to the diverse skills of modern alpinism. Over the course of a week, you will rock climb above the scenic Puget Sound, and climb two famous peaks in North Cascades National Park: Sahale Mountain and Sharkfin Tower. Along the way, you will learn the fundamentals of alpine rock climbing and glacier mountaineering, including: rope team travel, crevasse rescue, glacier navigation, expedition camping, trip planning, multipitch climbing, belaying, rappelling, crampon and ice axe technique; rock and ice anchors and protection, and more.
  • Day Mount Baker Crevasse Rescue and Ice Climbing – Mount Baker is a superb mountaineering training ground because its glaciers can be accessed with just a few hours of hiking from the Heliotrope Ridge Trailhead. This course introduces the skills essential to travel safely and independently in glaciated environments. The curriculum includes crampon and ice axe technique, essential knots and hitches, crevasse rescue and glacier ice climbing. It is designed for any climber seeking to gain experience on glaciers, and will open the door to ascents of Mount Baker, Mount Rainier and other large mountains.
  • 2-3 Day Mount Washington Winter Intro Course – Mount Washington is the premier mountaineering destination in the Northeastern United States. As the highest point in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, its summit bears the brunt of some of the most severe weather in the world. In the winter, its steep slopes loaded with ice and snow make it an excellent training ground for anyone who wants to discover mountaineering, and for climbers training for glaciated peaks such as Mount Baker and Mount Rainier. We offer a variety of winter programs in the Mount Washington area, including our 2-day and 3-day mountaineering courses, a 2-day introduction to ice climbing, and a 3-day traverse over seven of the most prominent peaks of the White Mountains’ Presidential Range.
  • 2-4 Day Intro to Alpine Rock Climbing – Discover the challenge and thrill of alpine rock climbing! In this course you will learn basic rock climbing movement techniques and essential technical skills for multi-pitch climbing, including belaying, rappelling and anchor construction. Your classroom will be Mount Erie, high above Washington’s scenic Puget Sound, or the Tooth on Snoqualmie Pass just 45 minutes from Seattle.
  • 2-5 Day Smith Rock Intro to Sport Climbing – Learn the essentials of outdoor sport climbing! In this course you will practice the key techniques for safe, successful outdoor climbing, including knots, protection and anchors; belaying, lowering and rappelling; movement skills, trip planning, gear selection, climbing communication and more. Your classroom will be sunny Smith Rock State Park near Bend, OR, one of the United States’ premier climbing destinations.
  • 2 Day Intro to Backcountry Skiing – Leave the crowds behind and learn to backcountry ski! During this course we introduce the essential skills and equipment that allow us to safely enjoy the vast and exciting world of backcountry skiing. During an overnight ski tour on the pristine south side of Mount Baker, we discuss gear and movement skills for uphill and downhill travel, placing an emphasis on avalanche safety and alpine touring equipment including climbing skins, boots and bindings – all while chasing powder turns in the Schriebers Meadow area and on the Lower Easton Glacier.