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Mount Baker Glacier Mountaineering, Washington

The five-day glacier mountaineering course with NWAG was executed flawlessly. From the moment I booked, I felt prepared with their information guides, packing lists, and timely responses to questions about gear. At check-in the morning of the course, the guides were extremely professional, attentive, and thorough with gear checks and helping us pack. Coming in as a beginner, I was amazed at the breadth and depth of knowledge the guides covered, and which I walked away with, to include proper crampon techniques, knots, hitches, rope coils, self-arrest, rope team travel, anchors and crevasse rescue systems, rappeling/belaying, and much more. The amount of material we covered enabled the team to successfully summit Mount Baker and put in practice everything we learned. I’m addicted and plan to continue using NWAG/Mountain Gurus for future courses and climbs. The preparation, attention to detail, and dedication to client satisfaction did not go unnoticed. Special thanks to all those who made our experience so positive and successful” Windy 2019

Mount Baker Intro, Washington

“I took the Mt Baker 3 day course by Mountain Gurus and it by far passed all my expectations. Being my first mountaineering experience I learned a lot in a fun, encouraging, safe environment provided by the owner Dennis and other guides Matt and Terray; everything was well organized and communication/questions before and during the course was always addressed. Dennis and the guides are extremely knowledegable and have incredible experience in all aspects, along with being encouraging and supportive. Dennis was able to make adjustments to our team during the climb (as my pace was a bit slower) which allowed me to successfully summit , He really cares and takes pride in providing a great experience and in seeing clients meet their goals. I have done a few other hikes with other companies and none can compare to Mountain Gurus. I would certainly recommend Mountain Gurus and hopefully will be able to do another course/trip with them.” Steve 2018

Mount Elbrus, Russia

“Our trip was an adventure – the combination of exploring Moscow, the Baskan Valley and the mountains, while enjoying the food and culture of both areas with local guides, are hallmarks of the Elbrus trip. We were excellently supported by the Mountain Gurus team. I will happily recommend this trip to others looking for an opportunity to climb Europe’s highest mountain, while experiencing a microcosm of Russian life.” August 2017, KP

Excellent company!

“I travel with Mountain Gurus since 2011, every year to different places and I always enjoy the trip. Dennis always very good in organizing everything and very dedicated to the clients making sure we have a memorable and safe trip. I Highly recommended Mountain Gurus to anyone who want a very organize and safe trip. Thank you Dennis! See you in Morocco 2017 and Mount Fuji .” Carlos

Everest Base Camp – 3 Passes Trek & Island Peak!

“As a Swiss guy, I like to have things planned and well organized – hence I like to go on expeditions with Dennis Broadwell of Mountain Gurus.

His broad knowledge and extensive experience from over 20 trips to Nepal, and hence tight connection with a superb local support team – gives Mountain Gurus a clear differentiation, not only in safety and quality of service but also a relaxed environment by knowing you are in competent hands.

This time Mountain Gurus has exceeded my expectations multiple times. My objectives were not to “summit a mountain” but rather to get to know Nepal and its culture, getting to EBC and climbing Island Peak, would just be an extra bonus.

Instead of doing the usual tourist trekking trail directly to Everest Base Camp (EBC) – Dennis went out of his way and took us on the lesser traveled 3 Pass Tour to EBC. Yes, it was most likely harder, but so much more enjoyable and relaxing without all the crowds. Some of the views of Mt. Everest from Renjo La and Cho La are breathtaking and unforgettable. Even tough being off the beaten path, Dennis and our local Sherpa (Mingma-Sherpa) made sure that we stayed at the best possible Tea Houses, that provided great food and very acceptable accommodations. I so much enjoyed and will forever have the best memories of all the nice local people I met, as well as being able to follow my passion for engaging with local animals – such as Yaks.

My contributions to a highly successful trip to EBC, was the preparation before going, with focus on good health, equipment and getting in great condition – I cannot emphasize enough of the importance to take the preparation serious and not only train inside a gym but also go out and climb up and down some local mountains, first with a small amount of weight and then increase to maybe 30 pounds.

With we made it safely to Everest Base Camp. In addition, Dennis guided me to successfully climb and summit Island Peak, 20,305’. Amazing, incredible and unforgettable view of the surrounding Himalayan Mountains.

So, if you care about an amazing adventure in Nepal, supported by a well-organized, competent and safety oriented team – I can highly recommend Mountain Gurus!” April 2017, Thomas S


“Wow our Morocco trip was fantastic. The ease of moving from the airport to our hotel was relieving because it allowed us to rest a bit after our long plane ride and then go out and explore the world famous Berber market, which was three minutes walking from our lodging. The time in Marrakesh was interesting and kept getting more interesting each time we went into the souks. The trip was a great mix of exploring, interacting with a different culture all while feeling safe and having fun.” Maggie

Everest Base Camp Trek

“An amazing trip. It was great to have someone else take care of the details, so all I needed to know was when to be packed up and ready to go the next day. The guides were very knowledgeable and great to hike with.” April 2013, Marie

Ecuador Cotopaxi

“I’ve been on numerous adventure travel vacations but Dennis Broadwell, owner of Mountain Gurus, put together one of the best trips that I have been a part of. The itinerary was a perfect blend of roughing it and simple luxuries. Dennis and the other guides are extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, and safety conscience instructors. I would recommend Dennis and Mountain Gurus without any reservations.” January 2013, David

Sahale Peak

“Thank you for coordinating a wonderful experience for the two of us. I have to say that Jeremy was an amazing guide. He was very thorough in his teaching. I appreciated his patience with us as we learned the basics. He was very encouraging and helped Kathryn and I push our limits. The North Cascades are absolutely stunning. There are certain memories that you have that are forever burned into your mind. That view atop Sahale was incredible.” August 2015, Tom S

Summiting 3 of Ecuador’s Volcanoes

“I came across Mountain Gurus a bit by chance, and am so grateful I did. I have a lot of experience hiking and backpacking, but have never been on a peak greater than the mid 14000’s, and had no experience mountaineering. This trip was challenging both mentally and physically, but was an amazing experience. Prior to the trip I was in contact with Dennis regarding if this trip was appropriate for my level of experience, and after I booked, my specific questions about gear to make sure I was adequately prepared (the gear list is excellent… follow it and don’t compromise… gear can make all the difference in your experience… and if you don’t understand fully what an item is, ask).

Prior to the first peak Cayambe, we did a partial day glacier school where I was able to practice walking in my crampons, learn technique, and receive proper criticism & advice to help me feel confident. We also spent the first week acclimatizing, both with hiking peaks and sleeping at higher altitudes. The week of summits was intense and exhausting, but very rewarding and exciting. In 7 days we hit the three big peaks.. I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me – but 18,997′ for Cayambe, about 18,500′ for Antisana, and 20,500′ or so for Chimborazo. Although I was inexperienced, don’t take the for unprepared. I will say that these were the biggest challenges for me to date (especially the final peak with the climbs close together). I highly recommend a lot of preparation physically prior to this trip if you choose Ecuador. Which I recommend!!!!

Dennis guided this trip, along with an awesome local Ecuadorian guide, Henry. Between the two of them, everything was very well planned and organized. Dennis was with us every step of the trip, and able to modify and accommodate the group needs without compromising the integrity of the trip. Throughout both the on and off mountain portions, he was very realistic about expectations – which is a very reassuring and positive characteristic in a mountain guide. While climbing, I felt very safe and trusted my guides. Both Dennis and Henry provided great feedback to help me improve my technique. Their knowledge of both the peaks and climbing was prevalent throughout the climbs. It was a satisfying and successful trip that I will always remember. I will definitely recommend & climb with Mountain Gurus again.” January 2016, Casilyn D

Ecuador Mountaineering 2016

“I went with Dennis Broadwell of Mountain Gurus on a climbing expedition in January 2016 with the goal of climbing Cayambe and other big Ecuadorean peaks – big goals that tested my resolve and conviction and which is a key element for me of a mountaineering trip, regardless of the summits achieved. Over two weeks, I was able to observe Dennis in action – climbing, organizing, keeping things in motion, entertaining his clients — and came away with a strong impression of his commitment, passion for people and mountains, good humor, and competency up high and also navigating the moment-by-moment details of our itinerary. Our travels throughout the country were punctuated with memorable moments and along the way I felt I was with a guide and a friend. Mountain Gurus hits the sweet spot in guide services – experienced locally and globally, but with the boutique size to ensure personalized and dedicated service that isn’t always available with larger outfits. Highly recommended.” January 2016, Ken K

Everest Base Camp Trek 2015 – Mountain Gurus Expedition

“Mountain Gurus was the only option for my wife and I after speaking to many other guide services regarding our trek to and overnight stay at Everest Base Camp (EBC). The opportunity to take an adventure of a lifetime combined with the need to have the best possible support to make that dream a reality was found with the MG team. Careful planning of hiking & acclimatization days, teaming with the best Sherpa for our needs (Naga) & porter (Pasang) possible and emphasis on ensuring our food, water, lodging and overall experience was of the highest quality got us successfully & happily to EBC and back again. Dennis and his experienced team gave us the opportunity to fully experience both Nepal and celebrate our wedding anniversary at EBC, complete with a baked chocolate cake… that was over the top and a clear indication of just how good MG is at taking care of their clients.

The cost of our trek was clearly well invested in the talent & expertise of the staff, the safety and focus on our well-being, the quality and service of our lodgings and the amazing experience that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Each and every adventure contains an element of risk but it is the knowledge, care and guidance of those who are tasked with keeping you out of harms way that make investing in the right guide service one of the most important decisions you will be faced with in making a lifetime adventure come true.

Although we only reached the base of Mt. Everest, George Mallory’s words still find a welcome home with both my wife and I after the MG guided trek, “… if you cannot understand that there is something in man which responds to the challenge of this mountain and goes out to meet it, that the struggle is the struggle of life itself upward and forever upward, then you won’t see why we go. What we get from this adventure is just sheer joy. And joy is, after all, the end of life. We do not live to eat and make money. We eat and make money to be able to enjoy life. That is what life means and what life is for.”

With that in mind, a part of us will always live in Nepal and we give our hearts and donations to their people in need of support and as we move forward we’re already planning our next Mountain Gurus adventures for Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Rainier. Please feel free to join us in both endeavors.” April 2015, Greg Y


“My trip to Ecuador with Mountain Gurus was great. The logistics and Itinerary kept our team moving and allowed for acclimatization before our climb of Cotopaxi. Guides were on point the whole trip and overall fun friendly guys. I really enjoyed being able to trek to our different locations and all the places we stayed were clean with great food. Be sure to look these guys up if you are thinking of an international climbing trip.” December 2014, Kate

Morocco Explorer

“Wow our Morocco trip was fantastic. The ease of moving from the airport to our hotel was relieving because it allowed us to rest a bit after our long plane ride and then go out and explore the world famous Berber market, which was three minutes walking from our lodging. The time in Marrakesh was interesting and kept getting more interesting each time we went into the souks.

The bike touring was great. Our guide was fun and fit and the bikes Mountain Gurus procured were totally up to the task of riding for many hours a day as we went deep up into the Atlas mountain valleys and small Berber villages where we met locals and drank sweet mint tea. The views were remarkable and experiencing the mountain culture was as stimulating as that which we engaged in Marrakesh. We had a chef for the entire time we were biking or hiking. Lunches and dinners magically appeared.

The trek up Toubkal was fun. The first day was a nice transition from riding to hiking. The pace was easy and the weather was great. Getting to the lodge there were many friendly foreigners interested in sharing stories and soaking up the sun after their hike or prior to embarking for the summit the next morning. It was a steady effort to attain the summit and the trail was in good shape. In some areas it was quite steep and there was some loose rock.

The camel ride to a camp in the Sahara was a unique event. The sunset and the sunrise were extraordinary. Riding a camel takes a bit of relaxing into it to meld with the gate of those goofy beasts. They make rowdy noises and smells. Ha.

The trip was a great mix of exploring, interacting with a different culture all while feeling safe and having fun.” May 2014, Jodie B

Mt. Elbrus 2014

“I have experience on Rainier, Baker, Adams, Hood, Alaska Range, Ixta, La Malinche, Orizaba and now Mt. Elbrus with multiple climbs on many. The mountain itself is always unpredictable but the true success of any climb comes down to preparation and logistics. Every aspect of our trip to Russia was terrific! Moscow before the mountain and St. Petersburg after. All aspects were well planned and well executed. On the ground logistics and the in-country team were fantastic. Dennis did a great job with our team and making sure we were well prepared for the climb. By the way… 6 clients… 100% success rate to the summit. Can’t beat those statistics!” August 2014, Rick

Rainier charity climb

“Earlier this week I climbed Rainier via the Disappointment Cleaver route with Mountain Gurus and had a great experience of it. The first day we hiked up to the snow line and did basic mountaineering training which was great for me (a novice). We learned the different steps and breathing techniques as well as self arrest and crampon use.

The following day, we did a well paced hike up to Camp Muir where we made camp and had some dinner. After a few hours of rest, the climb started at midnight and we summited by 7 am and started back down after a while in the crater.

The experience of the guides was evident throughout. Dennis has a great range of climbing and guiding experience, Craig has summited Rainier 410 times, and Tulsi has summited Everest twice. They were full of useful information and led a great trip.

Thank you for the great experience!” August 2014, Art

Mt. Elbrus and Russia

“Mountain Gurus did an awesome job of planning a wonderful trip. It was not just the mountain climb but the days spent in Moscow beforehand and then St. Petersburg afterwards that made it that much more wonderful. Having a tour guide on a few of the days that we visited Moscow and St. Petersburg was such a great way to see the sights and learn about Russia. Having a Russian mountain guide in addition to our guide was a bonus. We also got to experience the new eco-huts on Mt. Elbrus which was a pleasant surprise. The guides did a good job setting a good pace and going over the basic elements of what would help us all have a successful summit day. And as it is a rarity that everyone in the group summits, I can say that it was the extra time spent going over some basics, along with having the best guides in the business, which helped us all reach the summit! Thanks Mountain Gurus!” July 2014

Mt Kilimanjaro trek – Machame route

“Mountain Gurus: thank you for your assistance in planning our trip: we had a fantastic time. The team supporting us were fabulous: the guides looked after us incredibly well and we enjoyed getting to know them. As we climbed, we came to appreciate how important their advice was to our prospects of reaching the summit (pole pole!), yet they still made the journey to the top enjoyable and informative. Coming into the camp each day to a song from the porters was an unforgettable experience, and we are grateful for how comfortable they made the trip for us. Camping 200 vertical meters higher than other groups on the night before we summited meant reaching the top was much easier: that special permit is gold! We always felt like we were in the hands of the best and this helped to make the experience truly unforgettable.” June 2014

Kilimanjaro & Safari

“An amazing trip. It was great to have someone else take care of the details, so all I needed to know was when to be packed up and ready to go the next day. The guides were very knowledgeable and great to hike with. The porters had camp set up each day when we arrived with snacks and hot water for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. I highly recommend the extra cost to stay at the crater camp. It allowed us time to go check out the glaciers and “take it all in” before the trek down. Note that this is not a luxury trip with the best of everything. I didn’t have any expectations and appreciated the services that were provided. If you like to be pampered or are a person who complains about any little detail, I suggested you “pay up” and travel with a company that caters to a higher level of service. The safaris were awesome as well. Loved sitting on the stone deck with a glass of wine overlooking the Tarangire. Accommodations during safaris were VERY nice! I am going to Everest Base Camp with Mountain Gurus this fall 2014.” September 2013

Mt Rainier

“Myself and two of my friends booked a trip to summit Mt Rainier. Dennis gave us guidelines of what to bring and how to train. He even went on a few hikes with us up Tiger Mountain in preparation. The day we left they even rented us some of the gear that we would need for the trip. It was great trip with great weather. The training day went well and we decided to do an evening summit and watch the sun set rather than do a summit that would let us see sunrise, the typical timing for a summit. We decided in advance that whatever the guides said about a summit opportunity would be the gospel and we would follow direction. Unfortunately one of my friends had not trained as hard and at Disappointment Cleaver, Dennis and his partner decided that my friend should turn around and was not going to have what it took to summit. I had trained hard and was having a tough time keeping the pace myself. My friend turned around and was not able to summit with us. We did make the summit at a pretty fast pace and descending even faster. It was a great view and it is awesome to see the mountain on sunny days and realize that I made it to the top. Thanks to Mountain Gurus and Dennis in particular for making sure I was prepared and able to make the summit. It is a memory I will cherish forever. The accommodations we great, the service was top notch and the knowledge and passion of mountaineering that they shared was exceptional.” July 2013, Rick

Everest Base Camp Trek

“I had a great trip with Mountain Gurus. The accommodations in Kathmandu were top notch and the Sherpa staff in the Khumbu were super friendly and accommodating. I did a fall trip which was superb, the mountains are like nothing on earth. Definitely worth the time and quite affordable.” October 2013, RJ

Everest base camp and beyond

“My daughter and I had a tight schedule and wanted to get to Everest and up through the Khumba Icefall… Dennis and the Mountain Guru staff could not have been more accommodating in making our trip happen. When you are out of your “element” (Mt Everest) you rely on your guides and stall completely. This is where Mountain Gurus excells. We always felt that we were well guided, informed and safe. We are planning our next trip and would Only go with MG.” May 2013, Thomas

2013 Mt. Rainier Trip

“Dennis is a wonderful and personable guide as were his assistants while we scaled Mt Rainier in July 2013. He took the time to answer our questions before the trip to ensure we had the right gear and were prepared for our adventure. Dennis and crew were very knowledgeable, friendly and I would highly recommend them for your mountaineering adventure.” July 2013

Mt. Rainier Climb

“In early July 2013, I went on 3-day climb to Mt. Rainier with 3 other climbers and our 2 guides, Dennis and Craig. Both of them did an excellent job preparing us for the climb; everything from making sure we had the right clothing, equipment, food, and hydration. Throughout the climb to basecamp, they constantly monitored our physical condition and made sure that each of us was keeping pace. At basecamp they took very good care of us by preparing the meals, melting snow for our water bottles and even set up the tents in which we slept. On summit day, they continued to monitor our physical condition, encouraged us to hydrate at every rest stop and made sure that we were all keeping pace and not falling behind. At around the 13,500 foot level, it became clear to both Dennis and Craig that a different route to the summit would need to be taken because of deteriorating conditions on the mountain due to glacial movement. At the same time, 2 members of the climbing party had started to slow down and were not feeling well. For safety reasons, Dennis and Craig then made the decision to turn the climbing party around and head back down to basecamp.

Despite not being able to reach the summit, everyone on the team agreed that the decision to turn around was the right decision. Dennis and Craig were looking out for our safety first and for that, I am very grateful. The experience of climbing with them and the other members of the party is something that I will always remember. We all had a great time and the scenery was absolutely spectacular! I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of climbing Mt. Rainier to consider going with Mountain Gurus. Dennis and Craig are excellent guides and they will take you to places that very few people get to experience in their lifetime, and they will take very good care of you at the same time!” July 2013

3 Day Mount Baker Climb

“Whilst researching the possibilities for a Mount Baker climb, I contacted many Washington state guide companies. Mountain Gurus were quick to respond and satisfied my many questions – they even managed to accommodate the exact dates I wanted. All in all a perfect fit!

Our Mt Baker climb consisted of myself from Vancouver BC and a father and son team from South Dakota and California led by our guide Dennis who is the owner of Mountain Gurus.

Dennis met us at the arranged time at the ranger station in Sedro-Wooley. He ensured that we had all of the correct and required gear as outlined in the pre-trip information that was provided win advance. Anything that was missing, Dennis either had extra that he could provide or he helped arrange rental equipment. Once we were all set, we headed to the trail head to begin our hike up to base camp. We did one final check and bathroom stop, adjusted our packs and set off. Dennis as our guide set a comfortable pace to suit us all and chatted about the mountain and its various flora and fauna. It was stressed to us the importance of proper layering of clothes and staying well hydrated and eating good energy food. We took adequate breaks without slowing progress.

Once at camp, Dennis showed us the most efficient way to set up, store our gear and collect good water. It was now time to do some basic training for group glacier travel. We were shown some popular methods for ascent and descent using crampons and also basic fall arrest techniques with the aid of an ice axe. We also learned some basic knots and rope travel. For anyone considering taking mountaineering to another level I feel this was an excellent introduction course.

After our mountaineering school, we were instructed to collect some water for cooking (and for our drinking water for our summit attempt). Dennis prepared our dinner which was provided by Mountain Gurus and showed us the correct way to store leftovers and keep the campsite clean and free of debris. He also went through ‘bathroom procedures’ and educating us on the approved waste disposal system.

We agreed as a group that our summit bid would begin at 2.30 am, so another gear check and organisation was in order, Dennis double checked that we were fully prepared and ready to go. We woke up to light rain and misty conditions – not good. After Dennis had prepared some breakfast and hot drinks for the group we set off into the dark. Visibility was limited and the rain got a little worse despite the fact that the forecast was for only a 10% chance of light precipitation on the mountain. During the early part of our ascent we encountered a small guided group coming down who informed us that at around 8’200 ft they encountered ‘whiteout conditions’ and deemed it too risky to continue from that point. I was quietly thinking what Dennis then confirmed – it was not looking good for the summit, however as we continued up the the weather eased a little and visibility became a little better, although it was far from ideal. We navigated a couple of hairy crevasses and Dennis really showed his skills by safely navigating us over and around them. The weather worsened and again Dennis warned us that it was very unlikely that we would be getting to the summit as the steepest and hardest part was yet to come. As it turned out we made it to the Sherman crater rim at around 9’400. Dennis at that point instructed us that as group leader, he was aborting the climb due to inclement weather causing dangerous conditions. We all agreed that this was the correct and wise decision.I  believe there were a few groups on Mt Baker that night and despite the awful conditions and under the excellent guidance of Dennis, our group made it the highest of any in a safe and enjoyable manner. The descent was uneventful and we found time for photo’s and laughs. Mount Baker really is a fantastic mountain with crevasses, serac’s and scenery.

To summarize my trip with Dennis and Mountain Gurus I would say that Dennis is a highly professional guide. He has a great sense of humor and is very patient. When things get serious on the mountain, he is all business and takes full control of the situation with excellent command.

The equipment and food that Mountain gurus provided was of top notch quality and the instruction and information was very valuable.

Although I cannot speak for any of the other guides employed by Mountain Gurus, if they are of the same caliber as Dennis then you are in very safe and capable hands.

I would not hesitate in recommending Mountain Gurus and would most certainly use them again.” August 2013, Jason

Volcanoes of Ecuador climb

“I’ve been on numerous adventure travel vacations but Dennis Broadwell, owner of Mountain Gurus, put together one of the best trips that I have been a part of. The itinerary was a perfect blend of roughing it and simple luxuries. Dennis and the other guides are extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, and safety conscience instructors. I would recommend Dennis and Mountain Gurus without any reservations” January 2014

Amazing trip with amazing an amazing company!

“I am trying to write this without sounding like i was paid for it! But seriously Dennis and his pal Sam are great guys. I went with them on a 10 day trip to Ecuador and i must say this was one of the best expeditions ever. The trip was well organized, the ternary was just right with enough acclimatization hikes to prepare for the summit of Cotopaxi. The campsites were well chosen, the hotels in Quito and the hacienda’s were superb. We also had a local guide and the guide to climber ratio was very good, there were 3 guides to 4 climbers! We had a great team of climbers Kate, Aaren, David and myself. All in all i highly recommend Dennis and Mountain Gurus for your next trip. I know i will climb with these guys again!” February 2014

Cotopaxi climb with Mountain Gurus

“I have just returned from a 9 day trip with Mountain Gurus to climb Cotopaxi in Ecuador, and it was decidedly the best trip of the 4 high altitude mountain climbing trips I have done. We just simply had more fun! The haciendas we stayed in were long on atmosphere and good food, which was very appealing after an acclimatization day of hiking. The guides were extremely knowledgeable in their glacier skills and carefully insisted that we each master the training and learn the skills well enough to be safe and to summit the Cotopaxi (19,347 ft). But the difference was that the guides and guests were a very dynamic group of people and the laughs came easily and often! Our lead guide was the owner of Mountain Gurus, Dennis Broadwell, and I would highly recommend a trip with this company. I look forward to another mountain climb with them soon!” February 2014

Intro to Mountaineering

“I joined Northwest Alpine Guides for an Intro to Mountaineering course this summer and don’t think I could’ve discovered, experienced, and learned any more than I did during such a valuable four-day trip. I was really impressed with the pre-planned itinerary that packed in a range of mountaineering, alpine, rock, and general outdoor safety and wilderness skills – PLUS, once the program started and we got on our feet we got to discuss and learn even more. The preparedness, efficiency, knowledge and humor of the guides made the trip all the more entertaining. We really enjoyed our down time and great meals at camp, just as much as reaching the summit of Mt. Shuksan. I ended up liking the program so much that I joined them for a subsequent climb of Mt. Baker, and Mt. Rainier a week later. The mountains in the PNW are truly majestic and unlike anything else. Overall I came to NWAG looking to further my mountaineering education, and I came away with a great new skill set and huge appreciation for such a well-rounded program… Trust these guys, they know what they’re doing!” June 2015, Rachel D

Mount Baker

“A wonderful adventure. I summited Mount Baker with NW Alpine Guides last summer. The guide service is well organized and provided lots of helpful information about gear and logistics prior to the climb. Our two guides Sam and Craig had many years of experience and my girlfriend and I felt safe with well training as we headed towards the summit. The weather was a bit overcast but it was an exciting day. I would definitely recommend Northwest Alpine Guides for any climb in Washington State. I believe they also offer other international climbs as well.” July 2012, William D

Mountaineering School

“Great trip! Guides where fun, friendly and knowledgeable. Curriculum was well covered and pacing throughout the trip was great. We took breaks long enough to catch my breath but kept our group moving. I also felt the information was delivered in a way that I never felt overwhelmed with what was going on or being taught. I came away from this feeling like I am ready to take my mountaineering to the next level. Great Local Company!” Rob P