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Why Mountain Gurus

A flawless safety record

We are proud to offer world-class climbing expeditions, treks and adventures around the globe from the Himalayas to the Andes, and from the heights of Africa to the rainforests of the Amazon Basin. We know that none of that is possible without a solid foundation of safety. Our trip leaders are some of the best in the industry, chosen for their experience, training, judgment and commitment to client care. We maintain a low client-to-guide ratio to ensure each of our guests receives individual attention. We plan our itineraries to minimize risk, and we use only the highest quality, professional mountaineering equipment. All of this ensures that when you join us in the mountains, you can focus on enjoying the climb.

A wealth of experience

Since 2008, Mountain Gurus has led adventures worldwide, from Seven Summits climbs such as Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua and Mount Everest, to specialty treks in Northern Thailand, Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, Mount Fuji in Japan, and Ecuador’s Avenue of the Volcanoes. We also offer a wide array of mountaineering courses and climbs in the Pacific Northwest through our partner company, Northwest Alpine Guides. Collectively, our guides have amassed hundreds of ascents of the planet’s classic mountaineering objectives, and many decades of climbing and adventure travel experience in the U.S. and abroad. Over the years we’ve developed rich, firsthand experience that can be critical for a successful trip. We’ve also forged strong, longstanding relationships with our excellent local staff from Nepal to Tanzania, Russia to Mexico.

Unmatched amenities in the U.S. and around the world

Whether you join one of our international or domestic expeditions, we proudly offer the highest quality food, lodging and expedition services. For example, in Everest Base Camp our climbers and trekkers enjoy hot showers, heated dining and relaxation tents, and fresh, nutritious meals from hamburgers to chocolate cake. In Japan we relax in Onsen spas, traditional Machiya houses, and a cozy hut near the summit of Mount Fuji. In Latin America, we stay in beautiful, rural haciendas in the mountains, and ecolodges off the grid on the headwaters of the Amazon River.

We base most of our domestic trips out of our BaseCamp in the town of Sedro-Wooley, Washington, the “Gateway to the North Cascades.” The Guide Hut offers extensive rental equipment and serves as a venue for pre-trip orientations. It’s located near excellent lodging and dining options, allowing you to avoid the expense and logistical hurdles of staying in Seattle or Vancouver. No other guide company owns and operates a full-service facility so close to Mount Baker, Mount Shuksan and the peaks of the North Cascades.

Specialized service

As a tight-knit, guide-owned-and-operated company, we offer a level of personalized attention that larger companies cannot match. Our friendly office staff are experienced mountain professionals. In many cases, the people who help you book your trip will be the same guides you climb with, and learn from, on the mountain. With our detailed pre-trip information, our delicious mountain meals, our commitment to individualized instruction, and our convenient location, we offer a level of service you cannot find anywhere else.

Instruction tailored to you

Whether you are an experienced climber preparing for your most challenging ascent yet, or you are taking your first steps into the exciting world of mountaineering, our courses offer something for everyone. From fundamental glacier travel skills to backcountry skiing, alpine rock climbing and ice climbing, we can teach you all the essential skills of the modern alpinist. Thanks to our small group sizes and focus on individualized client care, we often have the flexibility to tailor our instruction to each of our students.

Join our community of adventurers …

We strive to foster a community of adventurers who can come together, time and time again, to challenge themselves while exploring the world’s most beautiful places. Many of our first-time clients learn about us by word of mouth or referrals from their friends. Many of them go on to become repeat clients. By sharing experiences in the mountains, our guides and guests develop friendships that last for years. We have seen how these relationships can carry us across oceans and to the top of the highest peaks on the planet.

… and explore the globe with us

Since we offer a wide range of international expeditions and domestic courses and climbs, you can stick with us throughout your growth as a climber or adventure traveler. If you get to know our guides on courses and climbs in the Pacific Northwest, you can join them again on itineraries abroad. Whether you want to test yourself on the Seven Summits or trek with us to Machu Pichu or the Annapurna Sanctuary, you can do it with a guide you know and trust.

A business rooted in stewardship

We believe we have a responsibility to act as stewards of the precious mountain environments and communities where we work. To ensure the places we love stay pristine for other visitors, all of our guides are trained in Leave No Trace principles. In 2015, we founded the non-profit Himalayan Outreach Project (THOP) to help Nepal rebuild after the devastating Gorkha Earthquake. Funded in part by proceeds from our annual Mount Rainier Climb for Nepal, THOP now supports childhood education as well as ongoing earthquake recovery efforts. We are members of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Program in Tanzania, an initiative to improve porters’ living conditions and access to education while teaching visitors about socially responsible travel. We strive to pay fair wages and maintain quality working conditions for all our staff, not just on Africa’s highest peak, but also in the United States and in every country where we operate.

Mountain Gurus delivered again. This was my second trip with them and it proved to be a trip of a lifetime. It is a perfect blend of culture and exercise while acclimating as efficiently as possible. Terray and our Mexican guides were all professional and knowledgeable and led us safely to the top of Mexico! While there, we were lucky enough to have a crystal clear morning to see Popocatepetl have a small eruption from 90 miles away! Would definitely recommend.

~ Patrick D, March 2020

My second trip with Mountain Gurus and went off without a hitch from all the pre-planning till the day we reached the summit. Top notch guides and a fantastic group put together made it an experience I’ll never forget. Highly recommend for domestic and international trips.

~ Ryan M, January 2020

Thank you for coordinating a wonderful experience for the two of us. I have to say that Jeremy was an amazing guide. He was very thorough in his teaching. I appreciated his patience with us as we learned the basics. He was very encouraging and helped Kathryn and I push our limits. The North Cascades are absolutely stunning. There are certain memories that you have that are forever burned into your mind. That view atop Sahale was incredible.

~ Thomas S, July 2015

“Spent this last weekend with NW Alpine Guides on Mt. Baker — it was the 3 day intro to mountaineering course. It was a wonderful experience! The guides, we had three, were all knowledgeable, attentive, and focused on our safety. The techniques class on Saturday was a great way to see how you’re feeling about summiting and to learn the skills you’ll need. The climb is no joke but with good preparation and great guides, it’s do-able! Sam, Nima, and Doug were awesome! Huge thank you to them for the great experience and safe summit!”

~ Melissa H, August 2019