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Activity Levels

Mountain Gurus offers trips for all levels of experience from cultural walking tours to advanced mountaineering programs on the great peaks. No matter your background, this page will help you find the right adventure. Don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions.


Walking trips are appropriate for nearly any adventurer comfortable with being on their feet for several hours at a time. These trips involve day tours of cities, parks, and historic sites by foot.

Easy Hiking

Easy hiking trips are appropriate for most participants. These hikes are short with minimal elevation gain, and minimal terrain challenges other than uneven ground.

Moderate Hiking

Moderate hiking trips require 4-6 hours of hiking per day, with a small pack. Elevation gains of 1000-2000 feet per day. Prior experience with hiking and good physical conditioning are important.

Strenuous Hiking

Strenuous hiking trips require 6-8 hours of hiking per day, with a medium pack. Elevation gains of 2000-4000 feet per day. Strong hiking skills and great physical conditioning are required.

Beginner Mountaineering

Beginner mountaineering trips require no prior mountaineering experience, or experience at high altitude. Basic climbing skills are introduced during the program. Prior hiking experience and good physical conditioning are required.

Intermediate Mountaineering

Intermediate mountaineering trips require some prior mountaineering experience. Prior experience at high altitude is beneficial. Participants should be able to demonstrate safe footwork and body control in steep terrain. Excellent physical conditioning is required.

Advanced Mountaineering

Advanced mountaineering trips require robust prior mountaineering experience, including experience at high altitude. Participants should have training in technical terrain according to the route requirements (i.e. glacier travel, ice- or rock-climbing). Please contact our team with your climbing resume if you are considering joining an advanced mountaineering trip.