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Sahale Peak

Quien Sabe – Arm Traverse

Climbers: Dennis, Jose, Jim
Routes: Quien Sabe Glacier – Arm Traverse
Climb Description: We departed Thursday evening hoping the worst of the past weeks weather was over. After car camping; we woke early and hiked the extra 2.5 miles from the Eldorado Gate closure on Cascade River Road. One section of the road had a big beaver dam type washout that made the crossing interesting. The hike up Boston Basin climbers trail was in rather good shape and we made tree line in good time. The weather was holding but due to the 6500’ cloud ceiling we had zero views of Forbidden or the other surrounding peaks. Unsure what the weather would do we made high camp at 7200’. We were concerned Wednesday’s heavy T-storm activity may not be over. We dug a rather nice tent platform and hoped we would have a chance to climb Sharkfin Tower. A fun little climb I’ve done a few times previously. Instead the clouds thickened and cold air blew in making for nearly zero visibility. After a long afternoon and evening of rest we awoke and decided to head up and traverse Sahale Peak. Jim led the headwall to Sahale-Boston Col not totally sure we were on route. I first thought we might be under Boston Peak but with a brief cloud clearing we were happy to see the ridge heading up to Sahale Peak in front of us. I led out gaining the exposed low class rock ridge, traversed open snow slopes until we climbed the final 3-4th class rock pitch to the summit. With zero viability we rapped the summit pyramid and quickly headed down the Sahale Arm. Losing the way every now and then we partly slid down the Lower Sahale Arm brush in the rain. We arrived at Cascade Pass. On the road walk back all the debris and the beaver dam wash-out was cleared. Thanks to the road crew that worked the holiday weekend.
Weather: Cloudy and some rain, low visibility
Gear: Rope, Pickets, Light Rack