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Mount Rainier Training

Climbers: Dennis, Kyle, Ryan
Route: Emmons Glacier
Climb Description: We departed White River Campground at 4:00 pm and arrived at Glacier Basin 7:30 pm carrying expedition packs. The next morning we climbed via the lateral moraine gaining the Inter Glacier. We roped up on the Inter Glacier reaching Camp Curtis for the night. The next day we climbed to Camp Shurman and to Shurman Flats 10,500 feet. That afternoon we enjoyed some crevasse rescue training on the Emmons glacier. Kyle and Ryan both had a first hand look inside the crevasse. In the evening while cooking dinner a huge gust of wind almost sent the tent flying down the mountain despite being very well anchored. This was the first time this happened to my tent and it was a very nerve-racking experience. Luckily I was able to sprawl across the rocks grabbing the tent just in time. After Kyle and Ryan helped recover many items which had flown around camp we ate dinner. The next morning after a extremely windy and sleepless night with gusts between 60-90 mph we descended from Camp Curtis. After a brief ice climbing lesson on the descent we arrived back at White River that afternoon.
Weather/Conditions: Mostly clear with high wind and rain the last day.
Gear: (3) Pickets, Glacier Rack, Rope